Linking imported data and lookup fields

May 22, 2009 at 2:07 PM


I have an import question...I have some new contacts that I would like to import into CRM from a .csv file. Since these contacts are new, the do not have any contactid's yet. But, they do match up to Accounts that are already existing in CRM. The Contacts .csv file also contains the GUID for the corresponding Account. Since the "Parent Customer" is a lookup field in each CRM contact record, how do I import the new contacts so that they automatically link to their respective Accounts? Is there a way to do this?



Jun 8, 2009 at 12:39 PM

Hi Lisa,

At the moment I can't test this so try with one record to begin with.

You should leave the contactid field open (empty) and to match them up to the account you need to do "account,F9168C5E-CEB2-4faa-B6BF-329BF39FA1E4" (without the quotes).

To be able to link them correctly you'll need the guid's of the account. I'm not sure how you can match them automatically since i do not know how your source files look like, but you could do it probably with a few (v)lookup formulas in excel.


Let me know if this worked for you




Jun 10, 2009 at 2:10 PM

Hi Wim,

I tried what you suggested and it worked. Here's what I did (in case anyone else has this problem):

I have a .csv file with about 8,000 names and job titles that I want to import into CRM as new contacts. These contacts should match up with Accounts already in CRM. So, when importing the contact names, I want to link the new contacts with their respective accounts. I tried importing a few test names first. The heading columns in my .csv file look like this: accountid | contactid | firstname | lastname | jobtitle. In the accountid column, I put the GUID account ID that is generated from CRM upon exporting the accounts from CRM. The format for this column is: the word "account" then a comma, then the actual account ID (looks like this: account,00D133C5-9CC3-DC11-AD9E-001C23cc74e8). For the contactid field, I left that completely blank. The remaining three columns I filled in with the actual names and job titles of the contacts.

When I imported this test file, the result was that the new contact imported into the contacts entity, and for the parent customer field in the contact record, the corresponding account showed up.

Thanks for your help, Wim!