New User having problem connecting

Jul 23, 2010 at 9:17 PM

Hi... this looks like a great tool. But I have tried any combination of connection settings and still have zero success connecting to CRM 4.0

I have other tools that connect with no problem.


Server:  (have also tried without the "https://")

Username: MyName

Password: MyPassword

Domain: BLANK

Authentication Type: (I think this is where the problem is.)

- Active directory returns "The request failed HTTP status 401: Unauthroized.

- Passport returns "LogonIdentity() failed.

- On Premise returns "Instance (or organization) MyOrganization is not found on the CRM server." (But I'm sure I have the correct organization)

Instance: MyOrganization

If ti mean anything, on other tools I have to specify "Use SSL" and "Use IFD"

Any suggestions?? Thanks. Mike