Problem with importing CSV files with " (double quotes) in them

May 24, 2010 at 6:50 PM

Hello, I have successfully used the tool for several months. It's a great and useful tool -thanks !!

One problem that I have encountered is the following: I have a CRM field that contains text with some " (double quotes) in them. There seems to be a bug in the tool in the way it handles the import of a CSV or a text file containing double quotes. I use Excel for data maninpulation, and Excel correctly puts in a " at the start og the string, and two " at the spot where the quotes is supposed to be.  The import/export tool does not parse this correctly. If you set " as the datadelimiter, all the " are stripped (not only the extra ones in the beginning and end, but also the ones you want to keep), and if you set some other datadelimiter, the extra " are there. I have tried a variety of scenarios / other CSV tools and this seems to be a bug in the import/export tool.  

An example: We have a field in CRM containing the text:

<a href= "test" > link to xyz</a>  This shows up correct in excel, i make som extra entries and save again in CSV.   The source is rendered according to the standard ->  "<a href= ""test"" > link to xyz</a>"

 In Orbit one, when importing the CSV file and using double quite (") as datadelimiter, the result is:  

  <a href= test > link to xyz</a>  IE - the quotes are now missing.

Hope someone can help me out, I have 80.000 records I need to do this on :-)