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Problem with multiple languange and selection lists


first of all, thank you for this tool. I did really help me and did save an enormous amount of time updating CRM entries.
However, we had to spent some time to work out how to handle the exported files.
As I did not know better, I started by exporting account entities through standard EXCEL export functionality in CRM 4.0 as descibed in MS CRM help.
The column titles are exported in german. Re-import did not work at all, there is not selection to update account entries.
Then I tried your tool. After installing MS CRM Update 2 I could get it to export accounts, but found the english column titles and no selection lists expanded to verbal entries, only the codes.
I am new in MS CRM, so I ask myself would it be possible to support this?
I found another tool ( which seem to handle this.
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The difference between the tool mscrmimport tool is that the tool uses MS CRM bulk import job. I tried to do it in the same way they did (by extending their application) but I found that i couldn't update lookup fields (the fields that link to other entities). The problem with that is that I really needed that, so I wrote my own little app and tried to make it work to my needs...

for the selection list: there are indeed codes instead of the verbal entries. The reason for this is that when I update a record with the verbal names through Dynamic Entities, the entity in crm doesn't recognize the values. So you could see this as a trade-off.
But on the other hand updating the lookup fields do work :-D

The english names aren't really the english names, they are the internal names. I started out by using the display name (which you can choose yourself (language, etc.) but those display names could be duplicated. When I tried the application in our environment with quite a few customizations, I got a lot of issues concerning those duplicate names. That is why i use the internal names instead, since those have to be unique.

Hope this explanation helps.
If not don't hesitate to contact me again.


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